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0.63-test kernels/linux: installer tries to create symlinks on ESP

Submitted by lmao_tzu 09 Jul, 2020 15:31 #

System: host: "archiso-5.7.6-arch1-1", chroot: "smgl-test-0.63-20190513", grimoire "0.63-test"

Synopsis: The 'INSTALL' for spell "linux" tries to create symlinks with 'ln' on an unsupported filesystem, mounted at /boot.

How to reproduce: 'mount' a filesystem of '--type vfat' on '/boot' and 'cast linux'.

Submitted by Zenthic 24 Jun, 2021 17:46 #

Any update on this? I am still not able to install the kernel because of this.

Submitted by stealth 28 Jun, 2021 02:16 #

I would avoid mounting ESP on /boot.

Recently our chroot installation guide was updated with some notes re:UEFI and disk layout.

tl;dr use /boot for kernels and mount EFI system partition under /boot/efi.

Edited 28 Jun, 2021 04:02
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