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Tom Large

IRC nick(s): disoray

Role in SMGL: Sorcery Team.

Age/Birthdate: 27

Location/Country: Texas, USA


When did you first start using Linux and why?

Late 1997. Mainly because a coworker of mine wanted to jack with me while I was working through my exams to be a flunky for Microsoft. I failed two tests because I got sidetracked into an operating system that was complete customizable. Since then it's been a tool for plugging holes in corporate environments, and more recently for PenTesting and various wierd stuff.

How long have you been using the SMGL distribution?

I honestly just started.

What piqued your interest in SMGL initially?

Desire to have more control, and rely less of whichever sysconfig tool was built into whichever distro I was playing with at the time. I prefer to make as many changes at the CLI or system level as possible to aide in future automation and monitoring. SMGL seems to work extremely well for this.

What future do you personally see for SMGL?

In a world where linux is becoming more and more mainstream, I see SMGL being what Linux used to be–a tool for the admins and clueful users of the world.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Education/Career/Skills?

My education is about the minimum required for your standard US citizen–through high-school. After that I dropped out of my first semester of Junior College and moved on. My career started when I was 18 (corporate help desk type work) and has moved through Windows administration to Unix administration to Network administration and security administration. After spending several years working for ISP's I'm not pretty much the guy that handles whatever wierd stuff comes around that nobody can or wants to learn how to do.

Any personal messages for the Source Mage users out there?

To quote sorrow: Keep on using it (I know it's a bit clumsy here and there. ;-) and tell us if it doesn't work.

What other OS programs/software have you worked on?

All versions of Windows dating back to 3.1 and NT 4 SP1. Most mainstream Linux distros and several others. OpenBSD, FreeBSD and BSDI. Cisco IOS flavors since v11.x. Solaris since SunOS 4. Most firewall applications (Checkpoint, Gauntlet, IPF/PF, IP Tables, etc.). Perl, PHP, Korn and Bash for scripting. MySQL and MS SQL for Databases. And most SPARC and Intel based hardware platforms.


vi or emacs?






Strictly personal

Do you have any family?

A wife and two daughters.

What kind of car do you drive? Or what is your dream car?

A Chevy Suburban Z71 that has way too much in the way of modifications. Dream car? Too many to list.

Please attach a recent photograph of yourself – if you're brave enough ;=)

Uh… no.