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Donald Johnson

IRC nick(s): minozake

Role in SMGL: Tome Scribe

Age/Birthdate: Born in '90

Location/Country: Currently USA


When did you first start using Linux and why?

My Windows XP installation effed over and I needed to find a way to back up my files. I downloaded and burned Knoppix to get those files, and that was my very first use of Linux. After that my first on-disk install attempt was Gentoo because I thought I was pretty advanced at using computers. I knew it wouldn't be easy. In foresight, I almost had it installed, but I would have had so much trouble afterward anyway. So I trotted over to Debian and I installed that successfully, and I had a good run. I then went back to Gentoo, used it for a while, then I tried to install Ubuntu on occasions, failed on those occasions, went back to Debian, and then I found SMGL.

I've been using Linux ever since.

How long have you been using the SMGL distribution?

Since mid 2008.

What piqued your interest in SMGL initially?

I like DnD, I like Linux, and I was fed up with the feel of Gentoo's community. Also, Portage screwed me to the wall more times than I can describe. Initially I thought SMGL was too anal about "Do you want to have feature X" about 20 times for a fresh install, but then I discovered that this is one of the most controllable distros ever.

What future do you personally see for SMGL?

I personally see it always being a specific community being built towards a specific userbase. I like it as it is, and it has a solid base of packages on it. The future I believe can be nothing but good.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Education/Career/Skills?

I am going to go to my local community college to take classes in computer science to see where exactly I want to go in computers. I know a bit beyond basic C/C++, less-than intermediate Bash, and I was cracking down on Python.

Any personal messages for the Source Mage users out there?

Learn the commands man, apropos, and whatis please.

I'll help you regardless, but it's better if you have some prior knowledge, at least.

What other OS programs/software have you worked on?

I've worked on vifm, but that was a personal thing. I never submitted anything.


vi or emacs?





Doesn't matter.

Strictly personal

Do you have any family?

Barely. Or maybe I don't care to know about most of them. *shrugs*

What other hobbies?

Screwing my computer over.

What kind of car do you drive? Or what is your dream car?

Bike or legs. And if those fail, crawl.

Please attach a recent photograph of yourself – if you're brave enough ;=)