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Flavien Bridault

IRC nick(s): vlaaad

Role in SMGL: Section maintainer for disk

Age/Birthdate: 24

Location/Country: Calais/France


When did you first start using Linux and why?

In 2001, I first needed Linux to do my homework, some C programming… Then, I kept Linux, but as a secondary OS. I definitively switched to Linux in the middle of 2003, with the Slackware 9.0. I find Linux more stable, far more flexible, cheaper, more free obviously, and it gives me a lot of fun.

How long have you been using the SMGL distribution?

Well, after six months on Slackware, I began to feel frustrated with the binary packages. I compiled a lot of the packages by myself, but it was rather boring, even with checkinstall. So I thought that a source-based distribution was made for me. I only knew Gentoo and Source Mage, I tried first Source Mage because sorcery vocabulary sounds well to my ears :-) It was one year ago, and I still have to try Gentoo… Maybe one day ?

What future do you personally see for SMGL?

1.0 ISO released first and then we will see… :-)

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Education/Career/Skills?

Well, I'm currently working on PhD Thesis here in Calais in the area of computer graphics. I'm working on flame models. I'm also a teacher for a living. I teach Linux OS, system programming, C language and computer graphics.

Any personal messages for the Source Mage users out there?

Cast spells everyday and you will feel better… If you love this distro and that you would like to help, join us ! There is always a way to help, even for non-programmers :-)
And be careful with april's fools !!!

What other OS programs/software have you worked on?

No one, SMGL is my first free software experience. Besides this, I study computer graphics.


vi or emacs?

emacs but I'm not annoyed with vi ;-)


Gnome now (but I used KDE for a while…)


GPL definitively…

Strictly personal

Do you have any family?

My wife, my two parents, and three sisters… They almost all use GNU/Linux (only two reticent sisters) thanks to me :-))

What kind of car do you drive? Or what is your dream car?

I drive an dozen years old VW GOLF 3, which my parents gave to me… Quite old, but a really reliable car :-). Sufficient for me… My dream car ?? Mmmh… A cheap electric and clean car !!!