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Submitted by stealth 09 Dec, 2022 17:13 #

In order to get to grep modprobe fuse must fail.

It seems the grep check needs this change anyway as it's no longer applicable for modern kernels, but I wonder why modprobe failed in the first post.

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Submitted by stealth 05 Sep, 2022 21:42 #


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Submitted by stealth 16 Aug, 2022 16:58 #

To some extent, yes.

However we try to minimize risks during the install phase when it comes to modifications of the system using castfs.

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Submitted by stealth 13 Aug, 2022 00:06 #

Pretty much yes, unless you're checking version info.

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Submitted by stealth 15 Feb, 2022 21:22 #

Likely curl needs to be recompiled against this version of libressl first?

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Submitted by stealth 17 Dec, 2021 23:30 #

Well, thanks I guess. I know this is stupid, but what would happen if I were to use the outdated stable ISO to install, and then do a sorcery update & recompile my system from there?

There have been a lot of API/ABI breakages in the last 10 years (even from current stable to test), so I doubt this upgrade path would work smoothly.

The easiest to guarantee was from one stable to another (like what OpenBSD does), but we never tested it besides basic 120-140 spells due to lack of human resources, and now we have been lagging in preparing stable releases (for a few years by now), so we're in half-rolling release state now.

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Edited 17 Dec, 2021 23:31
Submitted by stealth 17 Dec, 2021 23:24 #

This has become a common problem with modern host systems.

Make sure PATH variable is exported as described in Install/Chroot#head-1-2-7-2.

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Submitted by stealth 17 Dec, 2021 23:19 #

Not easily I'd say, but it depends on the case.

Spells are very easy to hack, and as long as drivers are compatible with this specific xorg version, there shouldn't be any issues.

You'll have to use a custom spell though: checkout the commit from grimoire.git when the driver was at specific version and copy it to a local grimoire. If there were not a lot of spell customizations between two versions (like dependencies that will be needed to be tweaked), it should be fine.

I personally have a lot of new/old spells in the mix.

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Submitted by stealth 03 Oct, 2021 04:54 #

Welcome! I'll mark it as resolved then.

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Submitted by stealth 02 Oct, 2021 19:27 #

I would still refer to one of my previous comments and say it's important to understand what's the difference with 2 kernel configs: working and non-working.

I'm a fan of stripping off the kernel myself, but I also know it's easy to miss a setting or two in completely unrelated sections (like in experimental drivers or specific chip support) that make the system less functional.

What somewhat related here might be: ACPI, backlight kernel parameters.

Experiment with other stock kernel configs and see if they address quirks like this with specific kernel parameters.

Regarding xf86-video-intel: it's mandatory anyway for X to run with good performance, so it won't be a problem if you enable KMS past kernel boot.

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